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Description Price Time
Exterior car wash $7.00 15 min
Vacuum interior $7.95 20 min
Windows cleaned inside and out $7.95 20 min
Interior dash and panel cleaning $7.95 25 min
Exterior wheel/tire cleaning with tire shine $19.95 20 min
Spray wax protectant application $28.95 30 min
LeatherCare Package - Leather seats and panels cleaned, moisturized, and protected. $24.95 30 min
Interior basic package - Cleans windows, wipes down dash and door panels, vacuum interior $34.95 45 min
Exterior Basic Package - Wash exterior, cleans tires and wheels, shammy dry by hand, tire shine tires, apply exterior spray wax to protect exterior paint $34.95 45 min
Full Vehicle Detail - Includes all of the above services, a full cleaning of the vehicle from head to toe. $169.95* Full Day
Headlamp Restoration - Headlamps restored to "like new" with a multistage buffing and polishing method. $ 69.95 60 min
* This service starts at $169.95, the price may vary based off of condition of interior and exterior of vehicle.

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