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2017 Elantra Value Edition 2.0L Auto (Ulsan)

$1,000 Retail Bonus Cash*

expires on 07/31/2017

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*Thanks for taking the time to read the fine print. We'll try to make this as simple as possible. This is a rebate that applies to customers that own certain vehicles. In order to receive the rebate you must either a.) own and have registered in the name of either the buyer or cobuyer any model Hyundai or b.) own and have registered in the name of either the buyer or cobuyer a qualifying competitive vehicle - please see us for the full list. Loyal and competitive offers may not be combined. In New York State rebates are taxed, but might not be in your state. You may qualify for additional rebates or special offers. As always, please see us for full details or if you have any questions.

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